UIC’s SCHOOL PROJECTS – UI Create Construct


UIC’s commitment to success brings together diverse perspectives, ideas, and skills, encouraging innovation and creativity. That’s why working with new people in different industries also brings new perspectives and approaches, inspiring the creation of one-of-a-kind products, services, or marketing strategies.


UIC and the students of PUP Interior Design made a meaningful collaboration regarding Filipino culture and craftsmanship, held on August 7, 2023.

UIC collaborated with PUP BSID Tayo-tayo by constructing room signages and sustainable wallpapers. Visitors were able to experience a Filipino design workspace featuring timeless beauty.

UIC targeted industrial companies such as BOYSEN and other key players in the interior design industry. With a focus on fostering collaboration and driving innovation.


A new space designed to encourage student’s development of fresh ideas and creativity.

The eye-catching vehicle wrap for De La Salle University features their identity and helps them connect with more people, creating a presence through mobile advertisement.

Moreover, the latest project for the school involves room renovation. This project focuses on enhancing classrooms within De La Salle University. With UIC’s skills in interior design and branding, our goal is to make the spaces welcoming and unified, while showcasing the university’s values and identity.

Partner with us and explore how a custom vehicle wrap can enhance your brand’ exposure on the road. Let’s turn your vision into reality and drive your marketing efforts to new heights!


Introducing UIC’s Latest Project for San Beda University Mendiola Campus, a new building signage, combining creativity with innovation. UIC took on the challenge of constructing both building and wall-mounted signages for this project.

As one of the quality signage makers, UIC is thrilled to have been part of making this possible.


A wonderful collaboration that encourages fellowship and participation, inspiring individuals for mutual success.

Gathering young hearts that lead to joy and growth, UIC seized the opportunity to collaborate with Xavier School Nuvali on their Fellowship Day, held on August 26, 2023, and September 2, 2023. 

UIC was acknowledged as one of the event sponsors during the event and in printed materials. Additionally, we took the initiative to produce digital posters and advertisements, and set up a booth to showcase the services we offer. Furthermore, UIC provided raffle prizes, including art supplies and canvas prints.