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Reimagine is our solution

We see opportunities in making what’s best for our clients and better for the earth. One of the advocacies for a greener tomorrow is to consider sustainable efforts apart from its efficiency. Therefore, we’re upcycling scrap materials from previous projects making them into something useful to be remade. We want people throughout the world to recognize the possibilities and act to protect mother nature.


Being a digital printing business and interior design solutions, one of our struggles is managing waste. We primarily use raw materials for our projects that are mostly recyclable.

This has been an opportunity for us to turn these waste materials into something we can use. Repurposing these materials gives us an opportunity to play with our creativity while reducing waste.

A great example of our upcycling project is this sustainable organizer. Last September 30, 2022, till October 2, 2022, Brushstroke Creatives had the opportunity to take part in the Philippine Travel Mart Convention, where we displayed our organizer made out of acrylic, wood, MDF Cardboard, and OSB wood scraps. For printing, we use HP Latex ink, which is known for being eco-friendly. 

This holiday season, we will be giving away our sustainable organizers as a holiday gift to our valuable clients. 

Together with you, we’re taking waste out of the equation.